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Good tips for reducing stress

1) Wake up at the same time every day, even at weekends. Get as much natural light as possible in the mornings.

2) Take daily exercise, and exercise in the earlier part of the day and definitely no later than three hours before bed time.

3) Eat your meals within a 12-hour window each day and dinner before 7pm if possible. “Eat the alphabet “ – 26 different plant-based foods each month.

4) Make time to connect and be intimate with your partner without the distraction of technology. Take a digital holiday. Turn off those screens !

5) Get more sleep and avoid watching anything that will raise your levels of emotion, excitement or anger two hours before bedtime.

6) Practise daily breathing techniques, meditation or yoga.

7) Do something you love, pay attention to the small things and develop a long-term vision.

8) Partake in activities that engages with others, e.g .volunteering, group exercise, club activities, card games

9) Practise gratitude and positive affirmations.

10) Schedule your entire day, including your free time, to help you also prioritise the things you enjoy doing most.

(adapted from Dr Rangan Chatterjee (media doctor featured on on BBC)

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