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Antenatal Care

We provide full antenatal care in the practice.

If you have a crisis pregnancy we are happy to discuss this with you in a non-judgemental way .

We will arrange referrals as appropriate.

If you become pregnant you are entitled to maternity care under the maternity and infant care scheme.

Maternity & Infant Care Scheme
Every woman who is pregnant and ordinarily resident in Ireland with a valid PPSN (Personal Public Service Number) is entitled to Maternity Care under this scheme. You will receive combined maternity care from both your GP and hospital obstetrician. Subsequently your care will alternate between hospital and GP.

Under Combined Antenatal Care you are entitled to:

  • 1st Pregnancy – 6 Antenatal Visits with GP
  • 2nd & subsequent pregnancies – 7 Antenatal visits with GP

along with a 2 week check for baby & 6 week check for baby & Mother.

Schedule of Visits

Week of PregnancyGP VisitHospital Visit
Before 12 weeks (preferably ASAP after conception)*
20 Weeks*
24 Weeks*
28 Weeks** (if 1st pregnancy)
30 Weeks*
32 Weeks*
34 Weeks*
36 Weeks*
37 Weeks*
38 Weeks*
39 Weeks*
40 Weeks*

If you need to see the Doctor outside of the above scheduled weeks, you will be charged for these consultations as they are not covered by the scheme unless you have a significant illness such as severe morning sickness or pregnancy induced diabetes.

Certain services which you may require as part of routine antenatal care are not covered by the Ante Natal Scheme.

Charges apply for the following:

Medical Certificates for work / letters re fitness to fly are not covered under the scheme and therefore a fee will apply.

Please note that visits not associated with your pregnancy are not covered by the scheme and if you do not have a Medical Card or Doctor Visit Card, then there will be a charge for these visits, e.g., chest infections/urine infections.

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